Michael Reese Women’s Health program provides medical support services for uninsured women and surrounding community.

With staff of 4 full-time and 1 part-time nurse practitioners, we provide breast and cervical health services to approximately 1100 uninsured women a year. In cases of abnormal test results, we provide diagnostic follow-up and coordination of care. We regularly recruit physicians and health care staff from MetroSouth to help.

We offer osteoporosis and blood pressure screenings in the community. We also conduct health presentations, educating in self-care, including prostate, bone, and heart health and Hepatitis C prevention. We teach a bilingual breast self-exam course.

Our outreach efforts ensure general education, early detection and basic medical services are available in an area where residents otherwise receive no aid until they are urgently ill. Sites for these programs include public housing, senior and community centers, schools and churches in Chicago Southland. Over 7,000 uninsured and underinsured adults, youth and elderly took part in these programs in the last year, many of them speaking Spanish or Cantonese as their first language.

In targeting the barriers to quality medical care for low-income and immigrant residents – through free screenings, education, language translation, treatment linkage and coordination – Women’s Health carries on Michael Reese Hospital’s long tradition of serving the underserved.


Contact or make and appointment at the Women's Health or
Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention program.

The Clinic is located at MetroSouth Medical Center on
the 4th floor of the Doctor's Pavilion.