We support 2 health clinics, originally from Michael Reese Hospital, that connect under served patients with comprehensive care.

Medical services for the poor and uninsured are fragmented across various programs and providers in the city. Patients generally lack complete information about services available to them. The result is partial and incomplete care for problems otherwise treatable or preventable outside emergency rooms. Both our programs address this need by providing case management and linkage to direct care, as well as screenings and patient education.

HIV Care Program

Now located at Mercy Hospital, this program is recognized as a pioneer in fully integrated and comprehensive HIV medical services. A free, community-based clinic convenient to adults living on Chicago’s South Side, the program offers integrated multi-specialty care, adherence education, substance abuse services and mental health treatment.

Michael Reese Women's Health Center

Now at the MetroSouth Medical Center, this program serves the southern rust-belt suburbs of Cook County, an area notorious for its lack of affordable health care options. Using a trans-cultural nursing approach, the program provides breast and cervical screenings, education and linkage to on-going treatment for over 1000 uninsured women each year.